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That Day I Said Thank You


That day, everything went well at my mom’s funeral. She passed away after a long battle with sickness. The organizer let us to have a final view at her body before they closed the casket. She was resting peacefully. I said my last words to her, “Thank you”.

That day, on my way to work, an old couple sat behind me in the train. They talked about their kids and grandchildren. They laughed and being silly with each other. I felt their love and thought about her. Although we finally fell apart, at least I once had someone stepped into my world and shared those sweet memories in life. I said from my heart, “Thank you”.

That day, I found my old journals. In one entry, I wrote: “One day, I will become a very famous person.” I smiled to think how naïve and immature I used to be. But over the years, I learn to be responsible, not giving up during difficult times and caring about others. Although I’m not famous, I grow up to become a better person. I said to myself, “Thank you”.


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