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There comes a time when you have to take a good hard look at yourself and realize there are some things you’ve just outgrown. So when it comes to travelling, you don’t want to be that creepy old person still living the backpacking dream. Below are 12 reasons why you’re too old to be staying in a hostel.

  1. You’re about to knock on the room next door and tell them to keep the noise down.
  2. You wake up before midday.
  3. You’d rather read your book in peace than meet new people.
  4. You realize you’ve forgotten your thongs to shower in and consider checking out completely.
  5. You’re not sure you can actually make it up onto the top bunk.
  6. Suddenly you’re the room mate that’s snoring.
  7. You can’t help but sound slightly condescending when you ask someone about their travels.
  8. Just once, you check your work email.
  9. Someone mentions having sex in the hammock and instead of thinking “how does that even work?”, you think – “God why would you even want to?”.
  10. The prospect of hooking up with one of the backpackers feels really creepy.
  11. You have no interest in discussing the difference between a “traveller” and a “tourist”.
  12. You take the time to review the hostel online.



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