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In future we just need to talk to the computer and it will do everything for us. Just like the character Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) in the movie “Her”, his job was to write heart-warming special-occasion letters for other people. He talked to the computer, the computer would then compose what he said and print out authentic-looking handwritten letters.

The past is just a story we tell ourselves.

Newly separated from his wife, Theodore lived in a lonely and complex life. But his life changed one day when he got a new Operating System (OS) – Samantha (voice played by Scarlett Johansson). She organised his life, talked to him when he was lonely, provided personal advices, and cheered him up when he was down. Eventually Theodore fell in love with Samantha.

I’ve never loved anyone the way I loved you.
Me too. Now we know how.

It sounds weird but this is the magic of movie. Samantha was warm, witty and sensual liked a real human; and their relationship was romantic and there were some sweet moments when they were dating each other. The intelligence of the OS seems futuristic but that may be the way where technology is heading – look at the personal assistants in our smart phones nowadays – Cortana, Siri, and Google Now. Samantha may be just an enhanced version in a few years’ time.

I think anybody who falls in love is a freak. It’s a crazy thing to do. It’s kind of like a form of socially acceptable insanity.

Love can be fulfilling and crucial in any form. It’s heartbreaking when Theodore was speaking to Samantha and glanced up around him at a subway entrance – everyone was whispering gently into their smart phones too. At that moment, he realized that Samantha was not only talking to him – she was not only in love with him. No matter human or machine, when two parties are not synchronized in thoughts or their minds are on different levels, love falls apart. As Samantha evolved and Theodore could no longer impress her, she fell for another OS and left.

We’re only here briefly. And while I’m here, I wanna allow myself joy.

Overall, this is director/writer Spike Jonze’s most significant film yet. He created a truly wonderful sci-fi love story that is smart, funny and melancholic.

It’s how we spend a third of our lives asleep, and maybe that’s the time when we feel the most free.


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