This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.


1. Play to your strengths.

So much time and energy is wasted trying to do things you probably don’t do very well. Incredibly lucky people focus only on what they do best. Everything else you can delegate, or you could find a partner to compensate for your weaknesses. That way, you will shine where you excel and attract opportunity. Good things come to those who emanate success.

2. Prepare in advance.

Unlucky people often get that way because they’re reactive and unprepared for whatever comes. People who have stored food and water in their basements aren’t lucky to find themselves prepared when disaster strikes, they used forethought to make sure they had what they might need just in case. Things change constantly. The point of a plan isn’t to follow it no matter what, it’s to establish a structure for smart decision making that allows you to succeed no matter what the future might bring.

3. Start early.

Some people seem to have more hours in the day. Lucky people don’t need more than six hours of sleep and are constantly finding ways to be more efficient. They use that extra time to start their projects well in advance. Their rewards aren’t dependent upon the time of day that they take action. But it does matter that they’re beginning to explore projects they expect to complete months or years from now. So many people only want to put their energy into things that provide immediate gratification. The most fortunate people are the ones who planted seeds early and now reap that harvest of happiness.

4. Connect with as many people as possible.

The key to success is access to opportunity. Access comes from influence. If you’re influential, people will come and bring opportunities to you. The bigger your following, the more powerful your influence. The only way to build a big following is to provide value to many people. You have to provide the sort of value that will cause people to spread your thoughts far and wide, attributing credit to you when they do. Are you creating that kind of value? If not, figure how you can.

5. Follow up.

Opportunities often come and go because people don’t respond in a timely manner. It’s always amazed when people ask for an opportunity but they never follow up with their proposals. Following up is often more powerful and impressive than the act of initiating. May you be so lucky to have people in your life that follow up.

Source: Inc.


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