This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.

Mr. H


There are always a few colleagues in the workplace who can understand and share the jokes with me. In my previous job, my best friend at work was from Malaysia and we always pretended as the two nemeses in badminton from Malaysia and China, he’s Lee Chong Wei and I’m Lin Dan. And I often teased him when Lin Dan beat Lee Chong Wei at badminton tournaments. He tried to teach me how to pronounce “Jalur Gemilang” – the flag of Malaysia, but I never get it right.

Mr. H is my new friend in my new job. He is elder than me and we are in the same team. Mr. H has been working here for 8 years. As he is very knowledgeable about the work, I always ask him questions. The problem is Mr. H likes to speak Mandarin to me. First, my Mandarin is really poor. Second, I don’t think it’s appropriate to speak Mandarin in the office when other colleagues do not know what we are talking about. However Mr. H keeps talking Mandarin to me, his voice even gets louder when he talks to his wife or his friends on the phone.

3 weeks after I started my new job, unfortunately Mr. H’s son passed away due to long-term sickness. A few of us from the office attended his son’s funeral to offer our condolence. It’s heartbreaking to see a devastated man cried and could not get the words out for his speech. When we hugged, I could really feel his pain as I also lost my mum 6 months earlier.

Mr. H then took two weeks off. When he came back, he seemed normal. May be time can heal any wound, after some time smile appears on his face. But I occasionally heard him sighed beside me. He would say, “I feel a little depressed today.” And I would reply, “I feel depressed every morning when I wake up and think I need to come back to work.” He laughs but he does not know I’m actually telling the truth.

In the Christmas party, after 2 glasses of Guinness, Mr. H’s face turned red and started talking nonsense like opening business in China and finding a girlfriend. We joked and convinced him to send a SMS – “I Love You” to his wife at home. His wife replied within a minute – “Drunk already? If not, I think you sent to the wrong person.” We all laughed non stop.

Mr. H once told me, “The last person in your position said he can handle 300 projects at one time.” Wow! It’s amazing one can handle 300 projects as well as a company can have that many projects. “But he worked here for 3 months and quitted,” Mr. H continued. When I asked why that person quitted, Mr. H said, “He said too much pressure. But we only have 2 projects running at that time.”

Mr. H took my advice to spend more time with his wife. They are currently in vacation and having a trip back to China. Mr. H, I hope you can let go the past and look forward. Life is just a relentless torrent in which all of us are moving in its flow. But as a human, we know it’s a brand new day when we see the morning sunlight. The past may be disappointed and things may not work out as planned, but at least we have the opportunity every day to revitalise and restart our journey.


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