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Crazy and In Love

Sub-Zero Temperatures Put Chicago Into Deep Freeze

Nick Collett and Samantha Branton have known each other since they were 14. They got engaged at Christmas three years ago, and started planning a winter wedding last year.

A winter wedding, of course, isn’t quite like a “polar vortex” wedding. When the big day arrived, the church had no power, the temperature was below freezing point and most of their guests couldn’t make it.

“At first, we didn’t know when the power was going to come back,” Samantha said. “It was still daylight, so I called Nick and said, ‘Do you want to cancel it?’ He said, ‘No, I don’t want to cancel it.’ And I said, ‘Well, I don’t really want to either.'”

Only 30 of the couple’s 160 guests could make it to the ceremony, but they went ahead with it all the same.

“It turned out absolutely beautiful,” Samantha said. “Between me and him, we were just so pleased. It was close friends and family that could make it there, that’s all that really mattered to us. We set out to get married, and we got that accomplished, and neither one of us could be happier.”

The ceremony itself was rather chilly, and of course the church didn’t have any power, so Samantha’s mobile phone (amplified by a cup) was used for the procession music instead of an organ. Everyone could actually see their breath as they were speaking, and everybody was shivering. To be fair, some of that shivering could have been caused by nerves.

As you can see below, the freezing cold didn’t stop the bride from looking stunning. That photo was posted to Reddit by her wedding photographer with the caption: “Newfoundlanders don’t let the lack of power, polar vortex or bad weather cancel their weddings.”

They’re crazy … and in love.




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