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You must make yourself content with who you are and what you have if you want to be truly wealthy.

Contentment does not mean you must stay where you are; it simply means you have no desperate needs.

Contentment does not mean you cannot want and do more for yourself; it means you are at peace.

The peace that contentment brings is a quiet peace of mind.

With a peaceful mind you can think and dream; you have the knowledge about what to do.

When your mind is not filled with desperation and doubt it is primed for inspirational ideas.

Our wants rob us of the peace of the moment; they keep us locked in deprivation and lack.

When we are wanting we are not grateful because we cannot see what we have.

We must learn to be content in the abundance of where we are if we ever want to move beyond that spot.

Wealth consists not in having great possessions but in having few wants.
– Epiccurus


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