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Bob The Cat

James Bowen and Bob, Q&A

James Bowen battled with a heroin addiction and homelessness for nearly 10 years, but his life took on a whole new direction when he found a stray kitten in 2007.

The tiny orange tabby was covered in fleas, so James took him in and scraped together the money needed to take the cat to the veterinarian for antibiotics.

The kitten, who James named Bob, grew to become his constant companion and could often be seen perched atop his shoulder as he played music on the streets of London.

With Bob now under his care, James received companionship that he wasn’t aware that he missed and he began turning his life around in order to care for the calm feline.

Once a homeless tabby with nothing but James’s companionship and care, Bob now has two novels: “A Street Cat Named Bob” and its sequel “The World According to Bob,” which were written by James under the tabby’s supervision.

The books reflect on how the company and affection of Bob was able to inspire his human companion to sober up and leave a life of drugs behind. A Hollywood team has even begun discussing film rights with Bob and James.



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