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Did you ever …


Did you ever …

Stick your tongue out to taste the rain?
Search for UFOs in the summer night sky?
Believe what the magicians played are really magic?
Refuse to leave the store when your parents did not buy the toy that you wanted?
Confuse about how an aeroplane that heavy can fly?
Imagine those houses in the woods are always haunted?
Dream you will become a comic book artist one day?
Wonder why adults have the consuming passion for animals racing especially horses and dogs?
Think people need to suffer great pain like bitten by a spider before becoming a super hero?
Feel there is something wrong with those vehicles which produce a loud roaring sound?
Think your family will take care of you forever?

That’s childhood.


Comments on: "Did you ever …" (2)

  1. Are you suggesting that we should leave all these things behind?

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