This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.


During the time of Alexander the Great, about 331 B.C., it was customary that the dead be buried after being completely wrapped like a mummy. On his death bed, Alexander, who at the tender age of 33 died from drug abuse and alcohol, requested in preparation for his burial, that he be prepared in the usual customary way with one exception; and that was, when wrapping him up, he wanted everything wrapped except his hands. He wanted them exposed palms up. When asked why such a strange request, his reply was that he wanted the whole world to know that after all he had done and conquered, that in the end, he died empty handed.

Similarly once a guy asked to be buried next to the bank where he kept his life’s savings. When asked why, his reply was, “After I found out that I couldn’t take it with me, at least I could be in a place where I could keep an eye on it.”

No matter how adorable the moon is, tomorrow’s morning will still come. All good things always come to an end,


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