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Cut through Nonsense


For those who follow my blog, you may find I’m a bit slack in posting in recent weeks. The reason is that I have worked day and night for a trade show starting this week. In a high pressure chaos environment with tight deadlines, directions that are always changing, and opinions from different parties, I sometimes could not keep my cool and yelled something that may be offensive to others.

Don’t just make things work, revise the design and write better code!
We don’t do dodgy things like this here!
What you think is not a requirement to me, I only concern what the management and customers think!
Difficult to do is not an excuse, find a way to do it, and do it properly!
Don’t fix 1 problem but create 2!

Somehow these comments went to the director and he tried to keep the harmony a bit.

I heard from your peers that you are negative, way too direct, that you are letting your frustration show, and are not supporting your colleagues. You need to be more measured in how you speak and what you say. Perhaps you should learn to sugar coat what you say so that it won’t be felt so rude.

Having drowned myself in previous weeks and working hard for the trade show, his advice just annoyed me further. I don’t think we should ignore the issues and pretend they do not exist. Should I bite my tongue and hide my frustration? I suddenly had the courage to stand up for myself, just like transforming to the incredible hulk.

Boss, those people telling you that I am negative and uncooperative are putting together something with no value that it will be very damaging if you allow them to continue. I have done my best to work this through with them offline so it did not have to escalate. My frustration highlights the pressure I have been working with to find something that works. I will not bury such a potent emotion. They actually need to hear it direct and clear. It would be even better if it came from you rather than me. I cannot move faster than my slowest team member. Nothing to date has persuaded them of what a useless and damaging approach they are taking. Sugar coating? That just means that while it tastes sweet, the turd is still a turd.

He looked at me, surprised of what I just said – these should not come from the usual quiet guy who sits in the corner and solves all the complicated problems for him. When he can’t figure out what to say, he always has his favorite line:

Well, I’ll sort it out for you.

I know he won’t. And I have enough.


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