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Gains from Sorrows

2013 is a dark year to me. A mother of my friend’s friend passed away last weekend. It started with a back pain, the mother was diagnosed with osteitis pubis after X-ray, medicine had a side effect of rapid heartbeat, changed another medicine but affected the liver, and she eventually died of Hepatitis C. This all happened within 6 months – life is so fragile sometimes.

I never meet the mother and just barely know her son. It should be just another unfortunate family to me. However, I couldn’t sleep that night after my friend told me the news. A family was suffering what I had suffered a few months ago. A bittersweet was that in the end her family was at her bedside with her in the hospital. And me – just received a call from the nursing home. I’m sorry for your loss, hope the pain will fade as time passes.

There are dark pages in our lives where we would have changed the story if we could. There are wounds that still ache and losses that are yet hard to bear. But however we may feel about sorrow, some of us would be willing to give up all that it has brought and taught us, or to be just where we were before it touched us. Yes, there are profound gains that come only through those sorrows.


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