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Be Brave to Love

A real man’s charisma does not depend on how stylish he looks but instead being patient and taking care of his partner. A real man’s charm does not depend on his wealth and background but instead their taste, knowledge and interest.

Only man who truly knows how to love will deserve women’s tenderness. So do not doubt her for things she did for you, it takes years to build trust but only takes second to blow it away like dust.

The best present you can ever give to your partner is not the gift itself but the thought behind it. Remember the path to happiness does not build and base on materialistic things.

When a woman decided to rely on you, you have full responsibility of her happiness. You will have to put yourself into their shoes, experience the troublesome and difficulty they face daily in order to understand and make things easier for them.

You will have to learn bearing with the intangible stress and taking the responsibility. Be brave to love, no matter what situation it may be.

– Queenie Chan (Artist/Writer, Hong Kong)


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