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Change from Today


Everyone more or less worries about change. We prefer a familiar environment and things are predictable. We don’t like the uncertainty of how life will be detoured for that extra step of change. There’s a saying: ‘the way you spend your days is the way you spend your life’.

So look at what you did today: you woke up, had breakfast, went to work, made some phone calls, had lunch, worked again, posted on Facebook, left work and back home, had dinner, watched TV, showered, brushed your teeth and slept. And the cycle repeats tomorrow. This is your life and you do it everyday.

Last weekend I finally took the action to clean up my home – the task was procrastinated for long time. I put tons of newspapers and magazines into the recycle bin. I organized my mom’s clothes into bags so that my sister can check if she wants to keep any for herself, the remaining will probably be donated to charity.

I also threw away a number of unused items. Among them was a Laser Disc player that had not been used for years. As technology advances, Laser Discs are not produced anymore, they are replaced by DVDs. I placed the Laser Disc player outside my home awaiting Council’s garbage collection in the following week. It was taken by someone within 5 minutes.

I also gave away a pair of loud speakers to a friend who teaches dancing classes. She thanked me and said she was actually looking for a pair of rear speakers for her classes. Sometimes those things that have no value to you may be treasures to others. My home is now refreshed with some extra spaces. Life can be that simple, just need to clean up – regularly.

We often think that if we want to change, we have to change a lot. But if you just change something you do on Monday, then you change on Tuesday, then Wednesday, and pretty soon you’ve changed the way you’re doing something for a week. Then it’s a month and then it’s a year. You have to be bendable in different situations and sometimes you can’t just stick to doing what you’re always doing. We’ve got to try to mix life up a little to make it more interesting.


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