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Anything is a Cinch

A pessimist has made up his mind to clean his garage on a Saturday morning. He wakes up, walks out to the garage, opens the door and is shocked to see just how much of a mess it is. “Forget this!” the pessimist says in disgust. “No one could clean this garage in one day!” The pessimist then slams the garage door shut and goes back inside the house to do something else.

An optimist wakes up on the same morning and goes to the same garage, sees the same mess and even utters the same first words to himself: “Forget this! No one could clean this garage in one day!”

But instead of going back into the house, the optimist looks for awhile and keeps thinking. Finally it occurs to him that he can break the garage down into four sections and clean just one section today. “For sure I’ll do one today,” he, says, “and even if I only do one section each Saturday, I’ll have the whole garage done within this month.”

A month later, the pessimist still has a filthy garage, and the optimist with a clean garage.

“Anything is a cinch, inch by inch.” – Robert Schuler


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