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A Short Trip

I had a short trip to Hong Kong last week to handle some family matters. It ended up being my most fatigue trip with a number of things went wrong.

1. Wrong planning
As it was a short trip of 5 days, I booked a room with 2 single beds for me and my father. I never expect he snores so loudly – like a beast roaring at me all night. The trip then turned to a reality show of how I survive without sleeping – consumption of large amount of caffeine helps. So think twice if you need to share a room with someone during travel.

2. Wrong timing
The month May should be end of spring in Hong Kong. However, with its high humidity, it was as hot as the summer in Australia. I was soaked in sweat within 5 minutes walking on the street. In addition to the exhaust gases from the traffic and people smoking outside the buildings, I felt like I was in an oven. I planned to visit the Tian Tan Buddha in Lantau Island and the Ocean Park, but the visits were put off due to the heat. Buddha and Ocean Park, I will be back for you – probably in winter.

3. Wrong people
We may meet new people and make new friends while traveling. However I encountered 4 incidents of people arguing in public transport during my short stay in Hong Kong. The cause was as simple as someone did not give way to another in the crowded train cabin then heated arguments were exchanged. There was once the two guys nearly went into a fight in front of me that really scared me. I’m not saying all the people in Hong Kong are angry and rude, but in my observation, they are not happy in general.

Other than lack of sleep, the hot weather, and some arguing in public, on the positive side, I had dinner with my cousins in Hong Kong who I didn’t meet for years. That night reminded me of our long forgotten lovely childhood memories. We talked about those places we stayed and those games we played when we were young – they really warmed my heart. Hong Kong, a place where I was born and grew up, has changed so much. But on the contrary, things may not change – we change.


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