This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.

1. Build real relationships
While everyone is wasting their time building huge online networks, get out and spend time with real people in the real world. That’s the only place you’ll find real opportunity and friendship. And that’s where success and happiness comes from.

2. Groom yourself
Great companies identify and recruit up-and-comers and then groom them by moving them around into different areas and situations. That’s how they learn a broad range of skills. Get out in the world and try different things. Get your hands dirty. That’s how you’ll find opportunity and figure out what makes you happy.

3. Do nothing
When you need to gain some perspective, resist the urge to seek out more information. Turn off all the sources of communication – all the noise that distracts you. Just be quiet and listen to your own inner thoughts; just listen. The answers to life’s most difficult challenges are always there.

4. Work for a great company
Go work for a great company. Learn from people smarter, more accomplished, more experienced than you. Find a mentor or two. Learn how business works in the real world. Figure out how you can help that company be even better, and what you can bring to the party that really matters and nobody else is doing. An opportunity will come to you – and you’ll be ready for it.

5. Do one thing at a time
Try picking one thing you really want to do and just get it done. Prioritize. It’ll provide a sense of accomplishment and control. It’ll help you build confidence. Even if it fails, you’ll learn from the experience. And you’ll gain strength from knowing that failure didn’t kill you. That will make you more resilient and give you courage to tackle bigger things.

6. Be good to yourself
Most people who want a lot out of life are their own worst enemy. They take themselves too seriously. Judge themselves too harshly. Expect too much out of themselves and others. If you can learn to let go of all your expectations, quit trying so hard to get somewhere, you’ll learn that just being you, present in this moment, is all that matters. That’s what life is all about. And that’s when all good things will come to you.

Source: Inc.


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