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This March, my mum passed away – thirteen days after her 79th birthday.

Although she was sick for some time and the doctor kept reminding us that her time was ticking, it’s still a shock when receiving the call from nursing home in the middle of the night. “I’m sorry to inform you that your mum just passed away.”

When we arrived at the nursing home, my mum seemed she was asleep, just looked a bit pale. I didn’t know why the nurse asked me to tidy up her hair, but I complied using her comb. I found out later that the nurse just let me to do one last thing for her to make me feel better. Her body was still warm and we said our final farewell. When we left, I turned off her bed light. Nobody at home anymore.

I couldn’t sleep that night, soon sunrise came and another day started. People resumed their normal life but mum was gone and my family will never be the same again. In the following days, we were busy in answering phone calls from relatives and friends, and organizing the funeral. I returned to work two days later, I needed something to distract me from the sadness. However I found myself occasionally stared blankly at the monitor and found hard to focus. Regardless of your relationship with your parents, you’ll miss them when they’re gone from your life.

The last time I saw my mum, she was sleeping peacefully in the casket. I never thought of my first PowerPoint slideshow was created for her funeral. There were condolences and tears. The 45-minute service felt like a lifetime. Mum, I tried my best all these years to make you proud of me. Although not quite getting there, at least I proved myself not a bad person. I hope in the end you won’t regret to have given birth to me than a BBQ pork – her favorite quote every time when I annoyed her. Farewell and rest in peace.


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  1. The most comforting thing that anyone said to me when my Mother passed was ironically from a distant cousin that I was never close to. She said, “I always resented that my father was taken early in life from me, but as I look back I find that I have never been a day without him. ” It’s true. I see her when I am baking and in the kitchen. I feel her when I have a cup of tea and in the warm wind in the summer before it rains. She leaves you with the things that she taught you and no one will ever be able to take that away. I hope this helps ease some of the pain.

    • Chandler, thanks for the kind comments. I only regret I didn’t spend more time with her in her final days, life can be so fragile.

  2. My mother and I did not have the best relationship until the day of her death. I was not one for the occult, but know beyond a doubt, she came to me, wrapped her love around me like a warm blanket and made amends for all that had been wrong between us. The love goes on no matter what death takes away. Thank you.

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