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Live Simple

After my mum had moved to the nursing home, my dad started forgetting things. I’m not sure that he simply doesn’t want to remember or he relies on mum to remind him everything all these years. As he stopped watering the plants, most of our plants are dying due to the summer heat in Australia.

Those roses once blossomed beside our driveway, left only with dead branches. Every morning when I drive to work and see the dying roses, I get an unexplained heartache. My inner voice told me to do something. So I started watering them a few weeks ago.

They looked the same and there was no improvement in the first and second weeks, but after a few weeks …



They blossom beautifully at the beginning of autumn.

A plant’s life seems simpler than that of human. If they get all the right ingredients for life: water, sunlight and soil; they will try to grow seasons after seasons. But we as humans, after our basic needs are met, we pursue higher needs. We work harder to fulfill our dreams. Meanwhile days, weeks, months, and years pass us by. And so do our youth and health.

Now when I drive to work every morning, I don’t get that heartache and instead have a warm feeling. Those roses seem like they’re saying “thank you”. Life can be really simple – just expect less and give more. No one can go back and start a new beginning, but we can all start today and make a new ending.


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