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Winner and Loser

winners losers roadsign

A winner takes big risks when he has much to gain; a loser takes big risks when he has little to gain and much to lose.

A winner has a healthy appreciation of his abilities, and a keen awareness of his limitations; a loser is oblivious both to his true abilities and his true limitations.

A winner plays the people more than the “cards”; a loser plays only the cards, and it might as well be solitaire.

A winner knows when the price of winning comes to high; a loser is overeager to win what he cannot handle or keep.

A winner knows that people will be kind if you give them the chance; a loser feels that people will be unkind if you give them the chance.

A winner takes a big problem and separates it into smaller parts so that it can be more easily manipulated; a loser takes a lot of little problems and rolls them together until they are unsolvable.

A winner walks when he can, and runs when he has to; a loser runs when he doesn’t have to, and is out of breath when he should run.

A winner judges himself by the standard of excellence in his field; a loser judges himself by the standard of mediocrity in his field.

A winner learns from his mistakes; a loser learns only not to make mistakes by not trying anything different.

A winner tries never to hurt people, and does so only rarely, when it serves a necessary purpose; a loser never wants to hurt people intentionally, but does so all the time, without even knowing it.

A winner is sensitive to the atmosphere around him; a loser is sensitive only to his own feelings.

A winner handles his winnings both productively and prudently; a loser handles his winnings (if any) either profligately or meanly.

A winner looks ahead, but not too far; a loser looks back but not far enough.


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