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The Little Red Wagon


Bonita’s friend Gayle has been “living” with cancer for four years and it is progressively getting worse. During a conversation with another friend, Gayle expressed that one of her childhood wishes was to have a red Radio Flyer wagon. As a child she never received one because she believed that if you told your birthday wish it wouldn’t come true.

Bonita was at an ice cream stand one day and in the window was a miniature red Radio Flyer wagon that could be won in a weekly drawing. Every time you make a purchase you could fill out a ticket for a chance to win. After several weeks and many ice cream cones, she didn’t win.

She finally got up the courage to ask the person in charge if she could buy one. She went to the window and as she began to tell the story, she felt her throat tighten and her eyes overflowed with tears. Somehow she managed to explain her reason for wanting to purchase the wagon, and after writing a check, she left carrying it. The wagon was delivered the next day, and for Gayle it was dream come true. The following day Bonita received a letter from the owner of the ice cream stand that read:

Dear Bonnie,

Every once in a while there is an opportunity to pass on a kindness – no questions asked. I lost my parents to cancer six months apart from each other. I cared for both of them but could not have done it without the love and generosity of friends – friends who care.

The best to you,

Enclosed was her uncashed check.


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