This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.

A Simple Life Code

1. Be yourself. Don’t do things you don’t like or feel uncomfortable doing. Don’t change yourself to please others. Do things that make you feel good about yourself and give meaning to your life.

2. Be open-minded. Avoid religious intolerance, racism, sexism, stereotypes, criticism, and hate.

3. Smile whenever you can, to everybody. It will make their day.

4. Follow your instincts, act from the heart.

5. Learn to respect others’ perspectives even though they differ from yours. We’re all meant to be different.

6. Don’t criticize others on little things, because everyone makes mistakes.

7. Never talk behind people’s backs. Gossiping, starting rumors, carrying on rumors, exaggerating and backstabbing, along with others in its category can make people hate you.

8. Love everyone and forgive the ones that have hurt you. Untying the knot will give you more time to focus on the people and things that are more important to you.

9. Experience for yourself! Keep others’ opinions in mind, and be aware when warnings are given to you, but don’t be a sheep!

10. Appreciate life, all the ups and downs. It is so much easier to enjoy yourself this way, and people are usually attracted to individuals that are cheerful.



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