This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.

1. View work as having meaning.

We spend several thousands of hours at work, but many of us don’t find our work fulfilling or meaningful. If that’s the case, we have two options: Find work that is meaningful, or find something meaningful in our work.

2. Find the positive.

How we approach life affects our physical and mental health and our experience of the world. So we can choose to find the positive in situations or the faults.

3. Include pleasure boosters in your day.

Infusing your day with bits of joy helps you refuel. You might incorporate these brief mood-elevating moments on a regular basis to help you feel energized, happier and more creative.

4. Embrace silence.

When we fill every moment of our life with sounds, we fail to realize our true potential. Silence helps us see better, be more creative and develop a closer connection to our environment and ourselves. So find moments in your day to savor silence.

5. See challenges, not difficult situations.

When you view a situation as threatening, you’re likely to get stressed out. But if you view the same situation as a challenge or an opportunity, you’ll likely be excited, energized or determined.



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