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More Hospital Experience

Aunt: Is you mum in hospital again? Does she feel sick?
Son: Yes, she’s in hospital. No, she’s fine. She just likes the atmosphere of the hospital, those healthy neighbor patients, and all the friendly nurses and doctors.

Mum: Son, I’m dying.
Son: Mum, everyone is dying.

Nurse: Where is your mum, in the toilet?
Son: No, she’s jogging downstairs.

Mum: After I’ve gone, you need to talk more to your father.
Son: We talk, but we just cannot understand each other. And most of the time, he just can’t hear (dad has a hearing problem).

Son: Do you want to visit mum in the hospital?
Dad: You want to eat noodle?
Son: No [raising my voice], I mean hospital.
Dad: What type of noodle?

Doctor: Does your mum get appetite?
Son: Not at home, she only has a good appetite when eating outside.

Mum: Get a wife and have kids. You need someone to take care when you’re at our age.
Son: I honestly don’t think I’ll live that old as you.

Son: Do you have anything unfinished and want me to do it for you?
Mum: Hmm, nothing I can think of.
Son: Anyone you want to kill? I can also help out.
Mum: [Seeing dad who is chatting happily with the nurse] May be your father.
Son: Good choice. That can be arranged.

Mum was in hospital again. But this time, rather than going home, she was transferred to the aged care centre when she was discharged. Her health is getting worse and requires 24-hour medical assistance. You sent your kids to child care when they were young. When you grow old, they send you to the aged care. Life is just a circle. The house becomes quiet without mum. We both know mum won’t come back home anymore, but we don’t talk about this. We bury the truth and let the sadness floating. Visiting mum becomes our new daily activity. She does not get used to the life in the aged care centre and we assured her that we will bring her home when her health is getting better. Mum, what an unfortunate that you get this sickness. But there will be challenges to face and changes to make in our life, and it is up to us to accept them. Life is to keep believing and there can possibly be a miracle one day.

Mum: Son, thanks for everything.
Son: I really didn’t do anything.
Mum: At least you prove yourself a good person.
Son: Mum, this is the first time I hear you say this. I remember when I was a kid, you always said you preferred to give birth to the BBQ pork ribs than me. For BBQ pork ribs, you can still eat them and satisfy your stomach. For me, I’m just here to annoy you.
Mum: Luckily I didn’t give birth to the BBQ pork ribs that many years ago.

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