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Be Brave

Happiness begins with a choice, but it is your courage to pursue that choice that will determine if lifelong happiness and contentment are to be yours. If you want to feel confident that you always do your best and know that your best was good enough, you need to commit to doing the right thing. This means deciding to do what most clearly reflects your sense of integrity, is consistent with your values and honors your beliefs. You need to own your decisions and have the courage to see them through.

Doing what other people think you should do is one of the biggest causes of unhappiness as people spend all of their time and energy keeping everyone else happy. If you don’t pay attention to your own needs or honor your values you will find yourself feeling resentful and compromised.

There is a big difference between being selfish and being self-ist. People who are selfish do what they want, without caring what the consequences are for others. When you are self-ist, you attend to your needs and honor your values, while being respectful of those of others. You do the right thing for yourself, without doing the wrong thing to anyone else.

You need to have the courage to be honest with yourself. When you are honest with yourself, you are able to acknowledge all your positive qualities as well as those that don’t serve you quite so well. You can’t be the best you can be unless you know who you really are. It’s easy to be brave when everything is going your way. When things are going tough, it takes courage to follow the path you believe in.

One of the hardest things for many people is simply saying “no”. But what you say “no” to in life will have just as much impact on your happiness as the things to which you say “yes”. Unless you have the courage to say “no” to the things you don’t want, it’s hard to say “yes” to the things that you do want. Knowing what you don’t want is just as important as knowing what you do want, and it is only when you are really honest with yourself that these answers can come to light. Don’t rely on the opinions of others – only you will know what is right for you.

When you are courageous in your decision-making, you are honest with yourself about all the risks and potential consequences. You consider your values and priorities and know that once you have made up your mind, regardless of what the future holds, you will live fearless and never look back.



Comments on: "Be Brave" (1)

  1. VC,
    Lotta good advice in here. I especially like “When things are going tough, it takes courage to follow the path you believe in.” Here’s to grace under pressure.

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