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Real and Illusion

Your ego has been shaping your sense of self for many years. Consider what it means to be self-actualization. A self-actualized person is someone who needs no approval and in free of both criticism and flattery, someone who feels neither superior to anyone nor inferior to anyone, someone who experiences what it’s like to act fearlessly because they are detached from the influence of situations, circumstances, events and relationships. We can’t build those qualities from the materials the ego supplies. Everything your true self stands for is independent of the image the ego has so carefully assembled to feel good about itself.

Abundance is real. Lack is an illusion.
Being good is real. Trying to be good is an illusion.
Let go is real. Holding on is an illusion.
This moment is real. The past is an illusion.
You are real. Who you think you are is an illusion.



Comments on: "Real and Illusion" (1)

  1. I guess a self-actualized person does not check his site stats 20 times a day. I’m definitely not self-actualized yet.

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