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Be Grateful

Worrying about money is one of the biggest causes of unhappiness, but no amount of money can make you happy unless you change the way you feel about it. If you want to be truly happy with your life, rather than focusing your energy on what you don’t have, shift your attention to all that you do have. Just because there are things you still want, that doesn’t mean you can’t feel gratitude for all the wealth and abundance already in your life.

Having a poverty mentality leaves you focusing on all the things you don’t have, when in reality you probably already have everything you need. When you understand the difference between want and need, you will finally realize how rich your life really is. There is nothing wrong with enjoying life’s luxuries as long as your happiness isn’t contingent on them. Most of the things you find yourself wanting will have little or no bearing on the happiness in your life.

People are afraid to sacrifice or risk to achieve the changes they want in their life – more freedom, better balance or simply a change of scene, because money or scarcity of it is such a defining force in their lives. Rather than looking at whether they are happy, healthy, surrounded by lived ones and living with integrity, they allow money to be the only measure of their worth. Sometimes you have to risk or give up some of your financial wealth to have a richer life.

Even your life may not be perfect or there may still be room for improvement, that doesn’t mean that you can’t express gratitude for your life as it is. The only way to get an understanding of the true wealth in your life is to acknowledge all the things you have to be grateful for.



Comments on: "Be Grateful" (1)

  1. Great reminder, VC. I put together three rules about money and happiness.
    Rule #1: Money doesn’t make you happy.

    Rule #2: But happiness makes you money.

    Rule #3: If you find yourself stressed or worried about money, review the first two rules.

    I would argue that gratitude leads to happiness that is capable of making money.
    Thanks for the guidance.

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