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Expect the Best

Looking forward to the coming day is essential to bring joy and happiness into your life. Your expectations determine your experience. Expect the best from life and you will usually get it. Optimism is one of the most important contributors to experiencing continuous happiness. On the contrary, worrying is a complete waste of time and energy. It doesn’t change anything. Focus your energy on the outcome you do want and then do what you can to make it happen. When your expectation is for a positive outcome, instead of worrying about what might go wrong, you simply assume that it will go right.

Even when things do go wrong, the majority of the time they won’t have a lasting impact on your life. Remind yourself that if it won’t matter in ten years’ time, it also doesn’t matter today. See the world as being filled with positive potential. Focus your attention on your intention and make that potential a reality in your life. Don’t be afraid to take a chance. The worst that can happen is that you don’t succeed … for this time.

Being optimistic isn’t about believing nothing can go wrong. Optimists acknowledge what can go wrong but expect things to go right. They believe no matter how bad things might be right now, this moment will pass and their life will continue to be a good one. Don’t let negative people around you cloud your vision. Develop strategies for dealing with them so that their negativity doesn’t wear you down.

Perfection is impossible. Expecting the best from yourself is about striving to be the best you can be and knowing that as long as you give your best, your best is good enough.



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  1. is there a drug that can make you feel this? my body just aint makin it happen..

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