This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.

Your ability to cope emotionally and physically with life and to be healthy and happy is very much determined by how flexible or how rigid you are in your behavior, perceptions and beliefs. People who are ruled by rigid “should” and “should not” are resistant to “maybe”.

The world is made up of constantly changing shades of grey. Whether we like it or not, the goalposts do keep shifting. Although change is inherently stressful because it requires you to adjust and adapt, it is not necessarily distressful. Having to change can be a powerful and positive experience that can lead to a more fulfilling and emotionally rewarding lifestyle.

If you can develop an attitude that accepts the changes that occur, your energy will be better directed to dealing with them, whether they may be modifying your perceptions, your beliefs or your subsequent behavior.

There are many personal rules that may be entirely appropriate at one stage of our lives but which are totally inappropriate at another. To become more flexible, give yourself permission to assess the changes in your life or circumstances and make modifications to your rule book. When modifying or changing rules, have the integrity to make rules based on appropriate respect for yourself and for others. This may not necessarily be in accordance with what those close to you want or expect, but claim the right to find a balance with what is relevant now.



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