This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.

You are as light as a feather.

You are frictionless to the ground.

Be careful of the guy running in front, he occasionally slowed down to check the messages on his iPhone.

Never mind people overtaking you. You run your own race and you compete only with yourself.

Fluid movement is the key to run fast with less energy.

The kid in the pram just called you daddy. Don’t worry, he’s definitely not yours, you may just look like his dad.

Pain is normal. If you don’t feel any, you’re probably doing something wrong.

Keep running, you can eat, drink, or have therapy when it’s finished.

An up-hill is an opportunity. Say thank you 3 times then get over it.

Before the u-turn, you are watching people who are in front of you in the other side. After the u-turn, you are watching those following you. May be we are all waiting for the u-turn of our life.

You are born to run. It is a mental sport and you are insane.

There are some Japanese running groups participating in the event. If someone yells Japanese to you, they may think you are Japanese. Respond with a smile or say “Ohayou” (good morning) if you like.

Ignore the side stitch, it will go away later.

Listen to how those running club coaches motivate their members during the run. You may get inspired but overtake them when you have enough “You can do it!”



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