This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.

Stay Active All the Time

  1. Work on your balance by walking along curbs.
  2. Test your balance by riding the train or bus in a standing position without bracing yourself or using your hands to hold on to anything. Take a wide stance and make sudden balance adjustments to make up for turns, stops, and accelerations.
  3. While waiting in line or for a bus, practice shifting the weight onto different balance points of the foot. Try to see how well you can balance on a dime-sized point only on your heel, little toe joint, big toe joint, etc. Feel how many places there are on the foot that will support your balance. See what happens when you move your limbs around while doing this.
  4. Develop ambidexterity by doing every day tasks with your weak hand.
  5. Grab a bar, the bottom of stairs, a door frame, or something else and hang as long as you can from one or two hands.
  6. Identify two points in front of you. Estimate how many steps it will take to go from A to B. Vary the distances from 5 steps to 50+ steps.
  7. Skip the elevator for the stairs. Always take the stairs rather than escalator or elevator.
  8. Carry grocery baskets rather than pushing a grocery cart.
  9. Park far away from store entrances.
  10. Run instead of walking. Run to nearby destinations instead of driving.
  11. When navigating through a crowd, try moving quickly while being as minimally disruptive as possible. Try not to brush or bump up against anyone with any part of your body. Be as aware of your surroundings as possible, and watch for gaps and passages through the crowd.
  12. When walking somewhere walk with a semi-fast yet relaxed pace. Overcome obstacles, rails, and walls without running, just keep the same walking pace. Try not to stutter your feet, and keep the momentum as you go. Keep your body relaxed and try not to use much energy or breathe heavily. It will help you find what muscles to use to conserve energy and keep you fresh.
  13. Have a punishment for using swear words – for example 10 push ups or 10 squats.
  14. Practice moving and landing as silently as possible. Find situations where you can sneak by people without them hearing you. You can also practice silent precision, where you try to keep the take off and landing as silent as possible.
  15. Make rules for yourself relating to every day tasks. Like if you want to eat something, do 10 push ups first. Or if you want to play video games, do 10 sit ups first.
  16. Do quadrupedal movement in your house. When walking towards a couch or a bed, jump, vault, or flip over it.
  17. Train yourself to endure uncomfortable conditions. Take cold showers, sleep on the floor, or drive through a blizzard with the windows rolled down. When you can endure these conditions, other things in life won’t seem as bad.
  18. Stretch while reading, watching TV, or studying. Just get on the floor and stretch! Many stretches can be done discreetly and without being socially awkward.



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