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A Letter to Lee Chong-Wei

Lee Chong-Wei, Lin Dan, Chen Long

2012 London Olympic Badminton Men’s Singles Final

China’s Lin Dan beat Malaysia’s Lee Chong-Wei in 3 games: 15-21, 21-10, 21-19. Lin Dan won the gold metal and Lee Chong-Wei got silver – same as 2008 Beijing Olympic.

Dear Datuk Lee Chong-Wei,

You are always my badminton idol. Your footwork, fluid movement, smash, drop shot, skills in disguise are showcases of top quality badminton techniques. You give me an image of a hard-working player who trains all the time and provides a consistent performance in every game. I also admire you for your sportsmanship, you play fair and I never see you argue with the umpire or object to the lineman’s decision.

What a match in the Olympic final! I really thought that you would win the gold metal when you were leading 18-16, then 19-18 in the third game. It’s so close but also that far. May be you’d been cursed in London, do you remember the world championship in the same arena last year? In that final, you got two match points in the third game but you dropped them and Lin Dan won the match at the end. One year later, history repeated.

It’s heart breaking to see you dropped to the ground after losing and could only offer a lifeless hug when Lin Dan came by during his celebration. I understand your disappointment as the dream of winning the first gold medal for Malaysia is shattered. Then you apologized in Tweeter: “I’m sorry”.

There is nothing for you to sorry for. You came to the London Olympic with an ankle injury, you beat all your opponents, played the final with Lin Dan – “the best badminton player ever” according to Peter Gade, the former world number one from Denmark. You might lose focus a bit in the second game, but you made him to give 100% in three games and the scores were so close. A silver medal is good enough. You are still the only player in the world who has a chance to beat Lin Dan.

That night in the Wembley Arena, other than your supporters from Malaysia, did you aware that you had other fans from China and other countries who were cheering for you? Both you and Lin Dan are our badminton heroes in this generation. Those games that you played with each other will inspire a lot of people and raise their interests in badminton.

Despite win or lose, I really hope that you can learn from the games, become more mature mentally and cope with pressure better. Don’t hesitate in the last few critical points, if you think you can win – you can. You held the world number one title for more than 3 years; you already proved that you are a true champion.

Some rumors hint that you will retire after the London Olympic. I hope that this is not true as I feel you are at your peak and still have some good years ahead in badminton. You never really lose until you quit trying.

At last, I want to tell you that some nights ago I tried to practice your trademark diagonal smash – faking straight but smash diagonally. It seems so easy for you, but I think I twisted my shoulder and injured that night.

All the best and good luck to the coming matches.

Your faithful fan.



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