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Angel at Work (1)

The unusual beautiful type-script caught Donald Curtis’s attention as he sorted his mail, so he opened it:

Dear Dr. Curtis:

I have been thrilled by your talks at the Sunday Services of the Science of Mind Church at the Fox Wilshire the past month. I get so much out of them. Your lessons should be published so that everyone can be inspired by them as I am.

Here is a suggestion. If you will send me the tape recording of your Sunday talk each week, I will transcribe it for you and return the tape along with the typed transcription.

I hope that you will allow me to be of service in this way. I want to help others share the great good which you have given me. Just have your secretary call and someone will pick up the tape each Monday morning.

God is blessing you and your great work.

Mary Louise Zollars

The signature was typed in the same unusual type-script. There was no handwriting.

For months Donald had been looking for someone to transcribe his Sunday sermons, but could find no one who would transcribe directly from the tapes he used on his tape recorder. And now, out of the blue, came this letter from Mary Louise Zollars. Donald hastened to call the number given in the letter and asked to speak to her.

“I would be happy to give her a message,” a friendly female voice replied.

“May I speak to her personally?” Donald asked.

“She can’t come to the phone right now,” the voice replied. “Please give me your message.”

“Thank you,” Donald said, “Just tell her Donald Curtis called in response to her letter.”

“She would be glad you called. Could you tell me when someone can pick up the tape of your Sunday lesson?”

“I would be happy to deliver it personally,” Donald persisted. He was eager to have personal contact with Mary Louise Zollars.

“That won’t be necessary. Please have the tape ready at your office at noon tomorrow, and it will be picked up. The tape and the transcription will be returned to you before the end of the week.”

“Thank you very much,” Donald replied. “The tape will be at my office tomorrow as you have requested.” He was puzzled by the seeming mystery of the arrangement, but he gladly went along with it.

[ To be continued … ]



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