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Reader Appreciation Award

I checked my blog statistics last night and wow … more than 300 views a day. “Wordpress, are you kidding me?” I don’t understand why some posts of mine are so popular, but I really hope that WordPress provides the correct statistics. Although the success of a blog is not only proportional to the number of views, I need to say thank you for all the readers stopping by. I’m overwhelmed by your support and kind comments.

I was also recently nominated for the Reader Appreciation Award. I’m still not sure about the origin of this award and it seems that different bloggers have different rules in accepting the award. Anyway, I follow the rules below in accepting it.

1. Identify and post the link of the blogger who nominated me

Anarya Andir nominated me for the Reader Appreciation Award. I’m honoured. Anarya Andir describes herself as an Adult Third Culture Kid. Her blog is filled with some of the most amazing and inspiring photography about her travel. I really hope that I can spend more time in traveling like you in the future. I enjoy reading your blog as much as you enjoy mine. Thank you so much for your nomination!

2. Add the logo of the award to my blog post

Here it is.

3. Post 7 interesting things about myself

  1. I’m a long-distance runner and I will run my 23rd half marathon this September.
  2. I have a strong technical background, but the materials I read and write in my leisure are completely not relevant to technology.
  3. I hate bad design, dodgy software and quick hacks, but these are what I face in my daily job.
  4. Sometimes I think dealing with machines and pets are easier than dealing with human.
  5. When I get bored, I will do something extraordinary – like applying a course to study. So, I had accumulated a number of degrees and certifications to date.
  6. I used to drive really fast until a serious accident – a careless driver rushed the red light and hit my car, now I drive really safe.
  7. I started this blog on 1 Jan 2011 to take on the “Post a Day” challenge and I published 365 posts – one each day, that year.

4. Nominate 5-10 other blogs that I feel deserve this award

With my limited exposure to other blogs, I nominate the following blogs for the reader appreciation award. They definitely have my appreciation for the great content on their blogs.

  1. Erin McNaughton’s analyfe
  2. David Kanigan’s Lead Learn Live
  3. Ali O’s A Runner’s Delight
  4. Katherine Gordy Levine’s Emotional Fitness Training
  5. Jackie Paulson – Writer

Once again, thank you everyone!



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