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Magic of Our Own

I watched a magic show on TV when I was a kid. The magician broke a light bulb and started eating the broken glasses. “So cool, it comes in handy when feeling hungry,” I thought. At a click of his fingers, he flipped a stack of white paper and turned them into $100 notes. “Wow, this is my dream job.” At that time, I really thought what he did was real.

When I grew up, I know that what the magicians performed are just tricks and they simply cheat the audience through their quick movement and tools. But I still like to watch their performance. May be everyone is looking forward that there is magic in this world. At the end, it doesn’t matter it is truth or not, the important thing is what you choose to believe.

We may sometimes act as a magician in our life. Did you ever lie or cheat to achieve a positive outcome? It sounds odd to do the right thing in a wrong way. I see my job as a problem solver who deal with the problems myself and hide them from people. There were instances that I knew there were some major issues but I reassured others everything was fine. There were times that I had no confidence whether I could resolve the problems on time but I kept calm and claimed that we were making progress. I also made up excuses to convince people to give us more time to work on the problems.

We keep telling ourselves “we can do it” and we eventually believe that is true. I may not be a role model as a totally honest person, but like magicians, my tricks never mean to harm anyone. If people cannot help with the situation, why not let them sleep with a sweet dream and leave the worry to someone else?

I believe everyone in their lifetime comes face-to-face with a bit of magic. It’s the kind of magic that reminds us of the thing that can be easily forgotten – hope. They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world – someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for. So, always give yourself something to look forward to.



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