This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.

1. You have nothing to prove.

There is nothing to prove to anyone, not even yourself. We all reach the finish line and along the way we all create, express and experience ourselves. The sooner we realize this and make it real in our lives, the more inner peace we attain. You are magnificent regardless of what you do, or do not do. Inner peace comes from finding the joy along the way no matter what you are doing, rather than suffering along the way in hopes of reaching some elusive, final happy place.

2. Learn to be still.

To experience inner peace, we need to have stillness in our life to at least have the chance to consciously “be” with whatever turmoil may be going on within us. When we are running around and “busy” all the time, it is too easy to dismiss or ignore what our inner being is asking for, or trying to tell us. Therefore, the path to inner peace needs to include a balance of some stillness and silence. Reflect on, process and clear out what does not serve you consciously, so you are not living from it unconsciously.

3. Forgive for your peace of mind.

The key ingredient for peace-filled relationships is forgiveness. This becomes easier when we understand that no one ever does anything wrong given their model of the world, and that most people live from a habitual place of unconscious words and actions. From that perspective, how can we find fault or blame in someone who does not realize what they are doing? Deep down, we are love and we want love. Inner peace comes from recognizing that and not holding onto any word or deed expressed by another.

4. Master the art of allowing.

Mastering allowing means letting each person be as they are. Naturally, this is very difficult for us to do as it seems our nature is rooted in wanting to change and control people. What confuses many people about allowing is making it synonymous with tolerating. Mastering the art of allowing means that we respect each person’s right to self expression, but it may include us not being part of that expression. We have choices in every moment to act from a place of inner peace, or cause ourselves and others turmoil, pain and suffering. The choice is always ours.

5. Know that everything is perfect.

Everything happens for a reason. The more we live in a state of true inner peace, the more we look at the world through the eyes of perfection. Act from a space of personal expression, rather than personal identification. Make sure you do not attempt to impose your will on another or think you know what is best for them. Attachment to, or a strong identification with something brings inner turmoil, anxiety or pain, for we live from a state of fear for self or others. In the end, you are not technically saving anyone, but evolving yourself through choices of personal expression.

We need to have a certain amount of inner peace to see the world and all that takes place as a perfect state of things. Inner peace drives external perfection, and external perfection drives more inner peace. The two are intricately linked together, where normally as we attain one, we attain the other.

– Retrieved and updated from Sources of Insight



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