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The 11th Box

On the eve of the Thanksgiving Day, the church had the names of 10 families scheduled to receive food baskets. A local merchant donated hams, and groceries were purchased from the food bank. As the boxes were packed in the fellowship hall, these families were excited over the food they were taking home. It would be the best meal many had enjoyed in months.

As they were picking up their boxes, another family arrived. Father, mother and three children piled out of an old pickup truck and came inside the hall. This was a new family, not on the list. They had just heard there was food being distributed by a church.

They were explained that there was not enough for an extra family. And as the pastor tried to assure them that he would do what he could, an amazing thing happened.

With no prompting, a woman put down the box she was carrying and quickly found an empty box to place beside it. She began removing items from her box to share. Soon others followed her lead, and these poor people created an 11th box for the new family.

It is more blessed to give than to receive.



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