This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.

Acres of Diamonds

An African farmer heard that others had made millions by discovering diamond mines. He sold his property and traveled the continent for many years in search of diamonds until at last he was old, weary and discouraged, he threw himself into a river and drowned. Meanwhile back at his old farm the new owner found a large brilliant rough diamond in the creek. A friend told him he’d found one of the largest diamonds ever. His creek was filled with such diamonds. The first farmer had owned free and clear acres of diamonds. He should have searched his own property thoroughly before moving on. He hadn’t even looked.

Each of us is standing in our own acres of diamonds at this moment. Explore the pasture you are in. Don’t run from one thing to another forever looking for the pot of gold. Stay where you are until you find what you seek. Let your mind thoroughly explore the possibilities in what you are presently doing.

There were good reasons why you chose your present job in the beginning. Find acres of diamonds hiding in your work. The diamonds of opportunity are there but they cannot shout. Our job is to find them. We must think of better ways to serve, right where we are. Leave no stone unturned. There are better ways to do what you are presently doing. Keep things stirred up. Overcome! Prevail right where you are. Stay and get rid of your problems. Think every day of a way to mine your own acres of diamonds.



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