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A Smiling Seal Pup

Wildlife photographer, Keren Su, crawled across the ice on his stomach to snap this beaming face of this Harp Seal pup which smiles for the camera and is melting hearts with its adorable grin.

Keren, 60, traveled by helicopter to the remote Iles de la Madeleine in East Canada to spend time with the seals.

“I was only allowed a limited time with the seals and in order to get the pictures I wanted I had to crawl on the ice so the pups wouldn’t be afraid of a huge stranger,” he said. “After they had gotten used to my smell I could get closer and closer until my camera was right in front of them.”

“When they became relaxed they would behave in the cutest ways imaginable.”

Harp Seal pups only stay white for a short window of 10 days.

Harp seals, including puppies, are slaughtered annually in a commercial hunt sponsored by the Canadian government, which has drawn intense criticism over claims of unnecessary cruelty. Organizations like IFAW are campaigning to have the hunt stopped entirely.



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