This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.

No way, not after all the complaints from my miserable married buddies about their partners.

After being dumped by my ex, I’m hurt and scared of dating.

I enjoy the freedom of being single.

Yes, I date, only online.

I’m just a bird with no legs. All this bird can do is fly and fly. When it gets tired, it sleeps on the wind. This bird can only land once in its whole life. That’s the moment it dies. (From movie: “Days of Being Wild”)

Dopamine is thought to be the chemical that produces the feeling of love. I think my brain has something wrong that it cannot produce dopamine.

Finding your other half is like driving into the car park of a shopping mall. There are some spots available but you drive further for better locations. As you drive along, there become fewer spots available but you proceed and believe you can find one that is closer to the mall entrance. However, you find nothing. You turn back for those previous available spots but they are now parked by other cars. You then keep driving around and around.

Well … my expectation is a bit high – rich and old.

It’s a long story … That’s it.

I’m gay.



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