This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.

Do the followings capture some of your happy moments in life?

  • Each time you were given milk as a baby after birth.
  • When watching cartoons in the morning.
  • When receiving presents and greetings in your birthday.
  • Topics well studied were asked in the exam.
  • When winning that competition. 
  • When breaking that school record.
  • When graduating from college.
  • When standing on top of that mountain you conquered.
  • When watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset.
  • Relaxing on the sofa and enjoying a movie at home.
  • When someone complimenting you.
  • The first time you dated.
  • When travelling to places you were never been before for vacation.
  • When driving the first car you bought.
  • When getting that promotion at work.
  • When your child was born and you became a parent.
  • Your child called you the first time.
  • When attending the graduation ceremony of your child.
  • When celebrating with your partner, children and grandchildren in Christmas and New Year.

However, are the below also familiar?

  • You had a poor childhood and your family couldn’t afford to buy you that toy you wanted.
  • You lost in that game because your opponent was simply better than you.
  • When someone criticizing you.
  • You were stuck in the traffic jam and late for an appointment.
  • The promotion was given to someone other than to you.
  • Your organization was down-sizing and you got retrenched.
  • A car rushed the red light and crashed into your car.
  • You heard that your ex-love was getting married.

Remember those happy moments as they will warm your heart and help you stay positive during hard times. It is the simple things in life that are non-material but can give us the greatest happiness. We are not perfect and there is always someone better than us. We can’t make everyone to like us and others have their rights to express themselves. We accept those constructive comments, learn every lesson and improve ourselves. For other inappropriate negative criticisms, just laugh them off and move on.

We live our own lives and follow our own paths, independent of others’ expectation. We make mistakes, but we also do the right things. A lot of things in life are just luck. Defeat and failure need not be the end of the world; the pain today can pass with time. If something is really not working out, an alternative option is to let go and start again with a new perspective. Remember that no one’s life is easy, there are always up and down.


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