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On Change

Did you ever feel that your childhood friend suddenly becomes a stranger to you? But will this be the same from the view of others about you? We had been together, separated, took different paths of life and reunited again. Our values, principles and priorities are changed along the path. In this city, some may after money and power; others for relationship and desire. The world becomes complicated and is not only black and white. We live and make decisions in the gray area most of the time. We are physically the same person but with different thoughts.

We drown ourselves in after-work drinks, sports, gossips and corporate-jokes to be more sociable. We become more reserved about other people after all those betrayals, lies and traps being set-up for us to step in. We turned from a young rebel to a balding middle-aged human with a beer belly. We start questioning our beliefs and blame other people for their faults as it’s never our fault.
Life is so busy that we don’t even have time to pay attention to the morning sunlight, the sound of rain, clouds in the sky, trees swaying in the wind and the face of someone you love. We cannot see the destination in the road ahead and we start forgetting our dreams somewhere in the journey. There are all sorts of compromises in life for growing up.

Change is the only absolute in the world, nothing stays the same. No matter you like it or not, tomorrow will come, bringing with it new beginnings and sometimes unexpected endings. Instead of holding on to the past and getting left in the dust; why not choosing to jump on the ride of life and living a new adventure with perseverance and an open mind?


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  1. Excellent written.

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