This blog will hopefully inspire you, warm your heart, make you smile and feel positive.

You can’t fit in the baby swing at the park anymore.

You manage to squeeze yourself into your old hiding space but you can’t get back out.

You can go on the roller coaster because you pass the height mark.

You start getting more phone calls than your mom.

Instead of getting up at the crack of dawn to watch cartoons on Saturdays, you sleep until noon.

You go to the movies and you can see something not made by Disney.

The goofy-looking neighbor kid who plays football with your brother comes over and asks if you’re home, not your brother, and he has suddenly transformed into a handsome prince!

You no longer crawl in bed with your mom and dad during thunderstorms.

You tell your mom that you’re too old to be holding her hand while walking in the mall.

You won’t take a bath with your younger sibling anymore.

The waitress no longer assumes you want crayons and a kid’s menu.

You are asked to say the blessing at a family gathering.

You get grounded instead of getting a “time-out”.

Your mom says she’ll give you some privacy in the bathroom.

You start getting deodorant in your Christmas stocking.


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