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The Cat in the Bag (2)

About six o’clock that evening, Aunt Faye called Arnold at his office. “Arnold, I have something to tell you.” Strangely, he sensed excitement in her voice.

“What now?” he asked. “Did you go to the vet?”

“I did just like you said. I put Sophie in my suitcase. I was standing by the bus stop waiting for a cab, so I figured, why spend money for a taxi when I can certainly take the bus? So I put the suitcase down next to me and started to look into my purse to see if I had the exact change. While I was looking in my purse, some teenage boys came up behind me. One threw me to the ground and grabbed my suitcase with Sophie inside!”

“Oh no, Aunt Faye, did you get hurt?”

“Just a few scratches. Nothing serious. I yelled for the police, but nobody came. So what could I do? I figured this was the way my relationship with Sophie was supposed to end. So I went home.”

“I don’t believe this!” Arnold said, trying to hold back his laughter. “Can you imagine the expression on those kids’ faces when they opened the suitcase and found a dead cat?”

Aunt Faye started to laugh. She was actually laughing!

“Wait, wait – that’s only part of the story. Sophie came home! She really wasn’t dead! I only thought she was dead because she was lying so still when I found her in the bathroom this morning. Being jostled back and forth in that suitcase must have finally roused her. When I got back to the house, she was waiting at my door!”

“Arnold, thank you for all your help. I prayed for Sophie to enter heaven, and she came back to me.”

The next time Arnold went to visit Aunt Faye, she had a little sign on her front door that read, “This is heaven.”


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