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The Cat in the Bag (1)

Aunt Faye and her cat Sophie were inseparable. Aunt Faye never had any children; Sophie was like a child to her. Sophie was amazing. She always knew when Aunt Faye wasn’t feeling well. When Aunt Faye’s feet were cold at night, she would snuggle up at her feet in bed. Aunt Faye was sort of hard of hearing, so when anyone came to the door of her apartment, Sophie ran to the door to alert her.

Aunt Faye would call her nephew Arnold from time to time to ask him to drive Sophie and her to the veterinarian. One day, Arnold was shocked when Aunt Faye called him crying hysterically. “Sophie is dead!”

Between sobs, Aunt Faye explained. “You know I don’t sleep so good at night. So the doctor gave me some sleeping pills. I didn’t like the way they smelled so he told me to put a drop of vanilla extract into the bottle to make the pills taste like candy. So this morning when I was cooking in the kitchen, Sophie got into my bedroom and accidentally knocked over my bottle of sleeping pills. They must have smelled good to her because she ate almost every last one of them. The empty bottle was on the floor next to her.”

Aunt Faye was still crying uncontrollably. “You know how long my Sophie and I have been together? Twelve years. Do you know how much Sophie meant to me?”

Arnold sympathized with her.

“Now what can I do?” she sobbed.

“I’m working very late tonight so I won’t be able to get over to your house,” Arnold said. “You can take a taxi to your veterinarian and ask him to have Sophie taken to the animal cemetery. I’ll provide the money for the plot and the burial.” 

The tears continued. “Will I be able to visit her from time to time?”

“Sure. I’ll take you to the pet cemetery any time you want to go.”

“How can I take Sophie to the vet? Her carrying case fell apart a few years ago.”

“Put her in your old suitcase. It’s not too big and Sophie will fit perfectly. The vet will then call people from the pet cemetery to put Sophie in a little casket and take her to the cemetery.”

“Okay,” Aunt Faye muttered with a broken heart. “It will be dignified?”

“Yes, it will,” Arnold said.

That was it. Arnold felt bad for Aunt Faye, but there was nothing more he could do.

[To be continued …]



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