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Cracking Up

After fifty years of marriage, her husband died. The widow painfully selected the granite marker to place over the gravesites reserved for them both. She gave instructions to put her name and birth date on the marker and also requested that wedding bands be placed between their names along with the year of their marriage.

The widow wanted the marker finished in time for their fifty-first wedding anniversary only a few weeks away. The marker would be the last gift she would give her husband.

The marker was finished ahead of schedule and the widow would like to see it before it was taken to the cemetery. The guys in the shop loaded the marker on the straps of the crane to place it where she could see it best. With no warning, the unthinkable happened. The marker slipped off the straps and fell to the ground, cracking in half when the widow walked in!

Wild thoughts raced through everyone’s mind. Even though they knew they shouldn’t lie, they wanted desperately to spare the feelings of a woman who had already suffered far too much grief. They stumbled for words and finally simply told her the truth.

They expected anger and tears. They never expected laughter. But as soon as the widow saw the marker cracked perfectly in half, her solemn expression turned into one of amusement and the heartfelt laughter!  Seeing the astonishment from others, she composed herself and explained, “At our wedding reception fifty-one years ago, my husband and I solemnly held the knife in our hands and cut into the wedding cake. The cake instantly cracked down the middle and broke in half.”

“How fitting it is,” she added, “that this happened to the marker. I really wanted my last gift to my husband to be something special, and it is. I have a feeling he’s laughing right along with me, just like we did for those fifty-one years.”

Laughter heals a lot of hurts.


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