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7 Quotes For Today


Are you feeling exhausted? You already know what you need to do but sometimes you need to hear something to keep you motivated. So here are 7 quotes that I hope they can change your perspective today and push you to seize your life back.

  1. Being a good person does not mean you have to put up with other people’s crap.
  2. Happiness starts with you. Not with your relationships, not with your job, not with your money, but with you.
  3. Life is too short to stress yourself about people who don’t even deserve to be an issue in your life.
  4. Stop expecting loyalty from people who can’t even give you honesty.
  5. When the wrong people leave your life, the right things start to happen.
  6. Some of the best days of your life have not happend yet. Just relax and keep going.
  7. Wake up every morning with a thankful attitude. Expect something good to happen in your life today.

Pass It On

It happened 20 years ago, Ken was with his wife and their two-year-old daughter, in an isolated, snow-packed campground in Oregon, with a comatose vehicle. They were on a journey to celebrate the completion of Ken’s second year of residency training, but his medical savvy was of no use to the recreational vehicle they had rented for the trip.

Ken remembers he had just awakened, fumbled around with the light switch, and been greeted with darkness. He tried the ignition. No response. He and his wife concluded that the battery was dead. Ken decided to hike back to the main highway, several miles away, while his wife stayed with their daughter.

Two hours later, Ken arrived at the highway and flagged down a logging truck, which let him off at the closest gas station. However, the place was closed as it was Sunday morning. But there was a pay phone and a tattered phone book. Ken called the only automotive service company located in the next town, some 20 miles away.

Bob answered and listened as Ken explained his predicament. “No problem,” he said as Ken gave his location. “I’m usually closed on Sundays, but I can be there in about half an hour.” Ken was relieved that Bob was coming, but he was also mindful of how much Bob would charge.

Bob arrived in his red wrecker, and they drove to the campground. As Ken got out from the tow truck, he turned around and watched in utter amazement as Bob leveraged himself out of the truck on braces and clutches. He was a paraplegic!

Bob made his way over to the camper and checked on the vehicle. “Yep, it’s just a dead battery. A little jump start and you’ll be on your way.” Bob restored the battery, and while it was recharging, he entertained Ken’s daughter with magic tricks. He even pulled a dollar out of his ear and gave it to her.

As Bob was putting his jumper cables back into the truck, Ken asked how much the cost was. To his astonishment, Bob replied, “Oh, nothing.”

“I need to pay you something,” Ken insisted.

“No,” Bob reiterated. “Back in Vietnam, someone helped me out of a worse situation than this when I lost my legs, and that guy told me to just pass it on. So you don’t owe me anything. Just remember, whenever you get the chance, you pass it on.”

Fast-forwarded 20 years to a medical office nowadays, where Ken frequently trains medical students. Cindy, a second-year student from an out-of-state school, has come to spend a month with Ken so that she can stay with her mother, who lives in the area. They have just finished seeing a patient whose life has been ravaged by drug and alcohol abuse. Cindy and Ken are in the nurses’ station discussing possible treatment options, and suddenly Ken notices tears welling up in Cindy’s eyes. “Are you uncomfortable talking about this sort of thing?” Ken asked.

“No,” Cindy sobbed. “It’s just that my mother could be that patient. She has the same problem.”

They spent the lunch hour secluded in the conference room, discussing the tragic history of Cindy’s alcoholic mother. Tearfully and painfully, Cindy bared her soul as she recounted the years of anger, embarrassment and hostility that had characterized her family’s existence.

Ken offered Cindy the hope of getting her mother into treatment, and they arranged for her mom to meet with a trained counselor. After strong encouragement from the other family members, Cindy’s mom readily consented to treatment. She went into the hospital for several weeks and emerged a new and changed person. Cindy’s family had been on the verge of disintegration; for the first time, they experienced a glimmer of hope.

“How can I ever repay you?” Cindy asked Ken. Thought back to that comatose camper in the snowbound campground and Bob, Ken said, “Just pass it on.”

Wyndham Vale, Victoriap1

Rainbow Bay, Queenslandp2

Yule River, Western Australiap3

Mt Ngungun in Sunshine Coast hinterland, Queenslandp4

Dromana Pier in Momington Peninsula, Victoria

Gold Coast, Queensland

Mt Chincogan in Mullumbimby, New South Walesp7

Desert between Kanijini and Tom Price, Western Australiap8

Mt Buller, Victoriap9

Grampians, Victoriap10

A Sense of Laziness


I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job. Because he will find an easy way to do it.
– Bill Gates

When we were kids, our parents always told us, “You need to work hard for your dreams, don’t be lazy.” But when I grow up, I sometimes contemplate whether laziness is actually a bad thing. If you look at the reality, a number of inventions are driven by the laziness of people. Take driving a car as an example. How many people nowadays are still driving a manual transmission? Some new models are equipped with blind spot sensors and automatic braking system; some can even perform the parking for you. Have a look at the new gadgets: tablets, smart phones, smart watches, those robot vacuum cleaners; they are all innovated to make our life more convenient.


For many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.
– Pareto Principle (80-20 Rule)

We always hear: “Work smarter, not harder”. The amount of time that you spent on work does not reflect your productivity. When we apply the 80-20 Rule to life, this means 20% of our efforts will produce 80% of the results. So we actually need to do less. Slow down, recognize what is important and what needs to be done. Do less things that create more value, rather than do more things that are mostly empty. Focus on that 20% is the key to making the most effective use of our time. Our lives are full of excess. Eliminate the non-essential and we will be more focus on what is significant and what deserves our time.


The three attributes of a programmer are: impatience, laziness and hubris.
– Larry Wall

Sometimes I’m impatient at work, I would rather spend time in dealing with real problems than having meetings all day. I would prefer to work on product development than to create a 200-page document that no one will look at. I’ll try to automate any repetitive task, like setting up auto bill payments from credit card or bank account. Being lazy does not mean just sitting around and doing nothing. To me, it means finding a way to reduce your work in a creative way. Work can be play and enjoyment should always be the goal. We get so caught up in busyness and we’re often too focused on getting things done. We forget to enjoy what we’re doing. Ask yourself: What can I do to spend more time enjoying what I’m doing? Arrange your commitments in a way that you’re happy living your daily life, even while you’re working. Be curious. Be open to opportunity. Know yourself. Embrace your passions. And wonderful things will happen.

After 30 years of service with American Airlines, Anna retired after her 50th birthday. One day in June, she stopped at the local service station where she regularly get her gas and occasionally buy a lottery ticket. Millie was on duty. She is a kind and loving soul who always has a smile on her face and a kind word for everyone. On that evening, Anna and Millie joked and laughed as they had so many times in the past. Anna teased Millie by saying that she would give her $1,000 if she won the $10 million lottery. Millie said that if Anna won she’d better take her to Paris for lunch. As Anna drove off, she thought how interesting it was that for her, “lottery” equal $10 million, while for Millie, it meant lunch in Paris. Millie didn’t know her connection with the airlines.

Around the 21st of December, Anna was once again at the service station. Millie was on duty. Anna handed her a Christmas card and asked her to open and read it. Millie opened the card and started reading:

Dear Millie,
In June this year, you sold me this lottery ticket (enclosed). Well I didn’t win the $10 million lottery, but you did. Pick your date next year, pack your bags, and get your passport ready for your luncheon trip to Paris. This is my gift to you for going out of your way to make everyone you come into contact feeling special. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Millie could not contain herself. She was literally thrashing around in the little cubicle. Anna could hardly contain herself, either. At that moment, Anna understood what it meant to create special moments for the people in our lives.

Over the next few weeks, Anna has seen Millie several times. Each time she entered the service station, Millie’s face lighted up as she reached across the half-opened door to hug Anna. Millie spoke of how she still “just can’t believe it”, how she phoned her mum, told her boss, and on and on. But what touched Anna the most was when Millie told her, “Anna, it says in my will that if I died before I got that lunch, my instructions were to have my ashes sprinkled over Paris.”


1. Getting Into A Fight
British chef Adam Steele was fired for head butting and punching a colleague. Deal with your frustrations before they escalate and cause you to behave badly. Remember how you behave while “off duty” can matter has much as when you are on the job. Avoid heavy drinking with colleagues and don’t allow a single moment of uncontrolled anger to ruin your career.

2. Social Media Rants
Racist, hateful, sexist and generally vile posts on social media have led to many dumb people getting fired. When your blood is boiling and your fingertips are poised over the keyboard, stop! Take a few deep breaths and get some perspective before posting anything. While it might feel great in the moment to let off steam and tell the world how aggrieved you are feeling, you might not like the consequences of your actions. Consider if there is a more productive way of dealing with the issue.

3. Just Not Doing Your Job
In US a guy was discovered in 2013 to have hired a Shanghai consultancy to do his job for him. He paid them a fifth of his salary and went undetected for years, even managing to win employee of the month awards on numerous occasions. If you are so bored in your job that you can’t bring yourself to do it, recognize it’s time to leave. While earning money for doing nothing may seem attractive, reflect on what really makes you happy in life and gives you a sense of fulfillment. For most people making a meaningful contribution is essential to thriving. Choose to work in roles and for organisations you enjoy.

4. Faking Your CV
Embellishing and downright lying on CVs has led to many people being fired from their job. Just don’t do it. Apply for roles you are qualified for and back yourself to get the job without lying. It’s ridiculous to think that no one will ever find out you have lied, so present who you are honestly. Being authentic in life is entirely more likely to enable you to thrive than cheating your way into positions you probably don’t deserve.

5. Avoidance
Despite their employer’s best efforts to help them, some people simply don’t want to listen or take responsibility. Take the opportunities you are given to understand how you need to and can improve. Ask trusted colleagues or advisers to give you honest feedback. Don’t immediately assume because your manager is giving you constructive feedback that they aren’t on your side. Honest feedback when delivered respectfully is vital when faced with the prospect of losing your job.


1. Live in the moment.
Our physical body resides in the present, but most of the time our thoughts drift away to the distant past or the imagined future. It’s why we feel like days are so short, or that we’re always running out of time. Note that small moments make up our memories and our life. It’s what happens right now that should be our greatest concern and has the greatest impact on who we will be.

2. Don’t follow the herd; tread where your heart takes you.
The world needs more brave people who can stand up for their own decisions – people of principle and determination who are willing to dig in their heels because they know that it’s the right thing to do. Live fully and become the best version of ourselves. Discover where our true passions lie. Follow your own path; work with your core purpose; be a ray of light in this otherwise blindingly dark world.

3. Acknowledge different forms of success.
In this money-driven society, it’s quite a common misconception to measure success by how much you make. Money is important, but there are other forms of success that prove more valuable. Success in relationships, health, and career are better source of happiness and fulfillment than financial wealth.

4. Learn how to use obstacles as compasses.
What stands in the way becomes the way. Obstacles are not things we must overcome. They are things that will point us to the right direction; in other words, they are our pathways to success and fulfillment. Great things come before a turning point – people often encounter difficulties before they achieve success.

5. Aim for progress not perfection.
Both progress and perfection are good; but one of them breeds fear and undoing, while the other cultivates confidence and creativity. Perfectionism can be paralyzing, and most of the time, it only leads to fear, avoidance, and undoing. Progress on the other hand allows you to make mistakes; it emphasizes that there is no need for utmost perfection as long as you make progress every day. As you gain progress, you feel better, more confident, and more trustful of your skill.


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